Our Products

Our unified platform of indoor mapping tools allows our libraries to select which user experiences make sense for their unique layout of space and resources.  Choose your StackMap experience.  Need to map something else? Ask us! 

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Collection Mapping

Our Collection Mapping product connects directly to your library’s catalog or discovery layer and provides users with a map and written directions directly to the desired item. 

Librarians can also update maps when items move around using the easy to use dashboard if they are planning collection moves as well as building renovations.


Computer Availability Mapping

Our Computer Availability Mapping product allows your users to see which computers are available at a given time while also highlighting any specialty software and hardware. The digital map can be embedded anywhere: digital displays or website. IT and librarians can track usage patterns for informed decisions about their technology.




Room Mapping

Our Room Mapping product helps your users see where rooms are located in a facility: study rooms, lecture halls, conference spaces, offices, and more. We offer custom integrations to enhance your existing reservation systems as well as other online tools.



Explore enables users to browse your library's physical space and resources on a kiosk, tablet or website. It is useful for locating sections of the collection by subject as well as for locating any place, space, or room within the library. 


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