A Digital Platform For Indoor Mapping

Our platform can map any space and provide way-finding tools and digital browsing to help your customers and visitors find what they are looking for and see everything that your space has to offer.


What We Do


Find the book or place you are looking for

When you look something up in a library catalog, we make the process more meaningful by showing you where it is.



Identify available computers and rooms

We allow users to see where computers and rooms are located in a facility. Users will see which computers are available on a digital map that can be embedded anywhere.


Analyze physical space for shifting and construction

Keep everyone up to date as items shift, as well as experiment and visualize floor layout.


StackMap improves the library user experience.


Wayfinding made easy

Provide clear navigation to your library resources.  Easily integrate with your website, digital interfaces, and catalog. Simple to manage and update as resources shift and move. 

  • Everyone has been really thrilled with it, even people who just like to browse.
    Lydia Borsh
    Dartmouth Libraries
  • It saves a lot of time and it makes our collection less intimidating for people.
    Thomas Kaczorowski
    Fordham University School of Law
  • We love StackMap because our patrons can find books on sensitive or private matters on their own, without needing to ask anyone for help.
    Sally Ijams
    Darien Library