Keeping Up with the Latest Technologies


This month we spoke with Christine McCarthy about StackMap at Rogers Memorial Library.


We’re always working on reaching new patrons. We mostly use social media to get the word out—we have Facebook and Instagram—but we’ve also done pop-ups at public places like farmers markets to talk to people about our library. We think it’s important to go to high schools so that young students know the library has great things. When we reach out to people through all of these channels, we want them to know that we have current technology and are up to speed.

One of the many draws of StackMap is that it’s a technology product, it’s good for our current and prospective users to see that we are always adapting and keeping up with the times.

We’re one of three libraries with StackMap among 56 in our county—along with Suffolk County Hampton Library in Bridgehampton and Longwood (which is getting StackMap soon).

StackMap is our latest tech advancement following our new streaming and e-publishing services, kindle circulation and wifi printing capabilities.

StackMap is an especially great new tech resource because it makes using the library even easier.

We do a lot of support to help people access our ebooks and use our other tech services, because it can be difficult to use a digital collection. While we are happy to help them, we’re also glad that people can easily use StackMap on their own.

— Christine McCarthy, Outreach & Reference Librarian, Rogers Memorial Library, Southampton, NY