Hampton Library's mobile app uses StackMap


The Hampton Library of Bridgehampton, New York has been using StackMap for several months now. With their online catalog, you can search for a resource that you want (like Gone With The Wind, in this case) and easily find the physical copy with one click of the "Map It" button.

Once you hit that button, a map just like the one to the right will show up. The Hampton Library maps are detailed enough to show exactly which section and row of shelving holds your item; here, we see that Gone With The Wind is in the fiction section.

An even more helpful aspect of Hampton Library's StackMap integration is that it connects with the Hampton Library mobile application (powered by Capira Technologies).

With the help of the mobile app, patrons can get maps on their mobile device to take with them as they navigate through the library--just one other way StackMap makes it easier to locate the resources you need at any participating library.

Hampton Library Director Kelly Harris elaborated on what is compelling to her about StackMap by saying, "I’m always looking for ways to reach out to people who want to use the library, who would use the library, but want to do it themselves, for a student, or a busy younger mom, or a college-age kid, yes, they want to use the library and grab what they need, but they don’t necessarily want to ask ‘where is this book?’ There’s a feeling that ‘I should be able to do this myself.’”

You can download the Hampton Library App for your device, free of charge. The Hampton Library Application is powered by Capira Technologies.

For more information on Capira you can visit http://www.capiratech.com/.

The Hampton Library serves as a community center for the East End communities of Long Island providing educational and cultural programs for all members of the community.